Christmas Trains Upgrade Project

The train layouts used by the Santa Fe Model Railroad Club for the fairground shows in spring, summer, and fall are “modules” built, maintained, and owned by club members or by the SFMRRC.   Modules are usually 2’ wide and 4’ long and have a minimum of two mainline railroad tracks across them.  The modules follow strict guidelines so they can be connected together to form one long, continuous track system.  Some of our shows have had three hundred feet plus of track.  

 In 2008, the SFMRRC was formed out of a division of the Albuquerque Society of HO Modular Engineers (ASHOME), a pioneer modular group organized in 1980.  Many of the SFMRRC members built modules using the ASHOME specifications.  When the group split off we adopted the ASHOME guidelines, but are now updating and revising them for our specific club needs.  As far as feasible, these evolving guidelines use the ASHOME guidelines, 2003 edition, as their base.

Many of the club modules were built ten, fifteen, and even twenty years ago and are in need of repair and up-dating, especially to the new requirements of DCC (digital command control).  In January 2012, the members started to upgrade the modules after assessing what needed to be done, in track work, electrical systems, and scenery/appearances.  During the year the club members will be working on old modules and building new ones.  When you visit our shows in 2012, notice the upgrades, new modules, and the repairs on the members’ older modules that support hundreds of feet of track and those great model trains!