SF Train Display to the Commander of the USS Santa Fe submarine

At the January 2014 meeting of the club, Rick Carver with the USS Santa Fe (SSN-763) Committee asked the members if they would be willing to help with a special gift for the commander of the ship when it returns home to Pearl Harbor on January 28th. The USS Santa Fe is a 52nd Los Angeles class fast attack nuclear-powered submarine. The commander, Timothy J. Poe, is interested in model railroads, especially the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (ATSF). Rick asked if the club would donate a display model for Commander Poe and the ship. Dick Rotto offered up a set of diesel engines, which he renumbered with the ship’s number. Mark Kellerman offered a glass display case for the model. Karen Sloan and Tony Balano were in Hawaii on that date and present the model as the official representatives of the club. For more information on the USS Santa Fe click here. More pictures of the homecoming can be viewed here. A detailed description of the homecoming can be found here.

XO Lt. Commander Shaffner and Tony Balano

Commander, Timothy J. Poe

Karen Sloan and Tony Balano